Additional Benefits Services for Large Businesses

ADP’s offerings also allow you to select additional services that you need to complement your HR, benefits programs and payroll solutions. Choose from a wide array of offerings and compensation benefits.

Total Compensation Statements

ADP’s personalized, electronically-delivered or paper-based Total Compensation Statements illustrate to your workforce the value of the compensation benefits you're providing to them. When they understand what their benefits are worth, they can make more informed decisions.

Total Compensation Statements provide:

  • An introductory letter from one of your key executives
  • A snapshot overview of total compensation, with charts
  • Details of worker and employer contributions
  • Health, disability and life insurance information
  • Retirement plan information, both current and projected
  • Company stock information, for companies that offer stock purchase/options
  • Additional benefits, such as assistance plan, tuition reimbursement or adoption assistance

ADP gathers the necessary data, produces the materials and delivers the statements to you – either in print or for distribution via the Web. For you and your HR practitioners, this means an enormous savings in both cost and time. For your people, it means they can see all of their benefits features in one place, so they can take advantage of as many benefits as possible.

Tuition Administration

Your Tuition Reimbursement or Educational Assistance Program or Plan provides your most important company asset, your people, with the opportunity to obtain, maintain or improve their professional capabilities. It is just one way you recruit, create and retain the most talented individuals in your organization.

You will find the ADP Tuition Reimbursement and Educational Assistance Administration one of the best ways to bring your educational program to life. Using your program-specific information, our team will design, develop and deliver a Web-based solution to meet your program requirements and demands using innovative and cost-effective solutions for your Web presence. ADP monitors changes to the Internal Revenue Code that might affect your offering and provides assistance with compliance with such changing requirements.

Services include:

  • Processing online tuition applications
  • Program-related application processing: course work criteria, assessment and determination
  • Adjudicating applications to ensure compliance with your policies
  • Adjudicating educational facilities to ensure accreditation
  • Providing participant communication and status updates
  • Calculating reimbursement amounts based on your policy and IRC Section 137 maximums
  • Generating reimbursement files for your payroll solution
  • Providing participant support via Web, Solution Center and e-mail
  • Requesting repayment of funds if applicable
  • Program reports and survey results

Carrier Enrollment Services

Your organization likely makes payments to multiple carriers for medical, dental, vision and prescription benefit services, while your plan members might be current employees, retirees and COBRA benefits plan participants in the U.S. That leaves a lot of room for wires to cross, and they often do. With ADP’s Carrier Enrollment Service, ADP’s benefits administration team serves as the liaison between your company and multiple health plan carriers, ensuring that accurate information and timely payments are exchanged, and making your HR experience better.


  • An efficient administrative process helps reduce workload strain on your HR staff
  • Comprehensive editing and auditing features reduce errors and delays
  • Consolidation of data to carriers
  • Monitors changing laws and regulations, to assist you with compliance with applicable laws
  • Links to other ADP solutions for a seamless delivery