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ADP Vantage HCM® Service

Tell us your destination, and we’ll help you get there. With ADP Vantage HCM, you’ll
get expertise, accountability, and transparency throughout your entire HCM journey.

Leverage our custom best practices program, certified by The Hackett Group.

Are you ready to achieve world-class status? Our best practices program will help inform and validate your HCM strategy through third party perspective, research, and expertise. You’ll:

  • Measure performance through exclusive access to the largest database of HCM performance metrics and best practices
  • Accelerate results through expert guidance, tools, and guides to put best practices to work
  • Know when you’ve reached each objective you’ve set, and identify which areas to address next

Help lower your HR expenses for staff, infrastructure, and technology with outsourcing:

  • Payroll Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Maintain compliance for your international employees
  • Benefits Outsourcing: Get support with carrier management, a participant service center, and COBRA/FSA and HSA
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Augment and accelerate your hiring plans

Discover new opportunities with diagnostic and optimization services.

  • Receive a detailed analysis and benchmarking
    of your system and process data
  • Discuss root-cause diagnoses and best practice recommendations
  • Provide enhanced product education for your internal users and stakeholders
  • Leverage recommendations on configuration improvements and workflow best practices

We'll benchmark your HCM technology regularly, using our
client scorecard.

Get up and running with our unmatched implementation and service approach.

We’ll help you address critical business concerns with best practice templates from The Hackett Group. Plus, you’ll experience total accountability with ADP-owned implementation and service experience, including vendor management.

Who’s using ADP Vantage HCM — and why.

Kathy Herndon
Director of HRIS
Kimball International

Our ADP relationship manager brings industry best practices and ideas for process and service improvements. We have constant collaboration and communication. I’ve never had a partnership at the level that I do with ADP.

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