Data Analytics


Good vs. Bad Data: The Idiosyncratic Rater Effect

Are you making key talent decisions based on faulty information?

The Role of HR: Measure Reliably, Predict with Validity

Are you making key talent decisions based on faulty information?

A Buyer’s Guide to Data-driven HR

The Art of Better

When Martha Bird “hangs out” at the office, she’s not slacking off — she’s looking for ways to better connect people with technology. Her work benefits one out of six workers in the U.S.

The Employee Journey

Discover the right solutions to engage your employees during their most meaningful career moments.

ADP Human Capital Insights,
Volume 8

Finding the right workers with the right skills is becoming more difficult. This issue of ADP’s HCI Magazine explains why and gives useful information about how to attract and retain great people at your organization.

Future of Work

Step in to ADP’s Innovation Lab and experience the Future of Work.

ADP Human Capital Insights,
Volume 7

Whether your organization is gearing up for business growth or refocusing on core competencies, you need a plan to stay balanced on shifting ground. From technology to compliance, this issue of HCI Magazine takes a look at the most pressing aspects of change facing global leaders in the coming year.

Time & Labor Management: Staying a Step Ahead to Drive Business Outcomes

Managing a workforce sounds pretty simple, when in reality it's anything but. View this infographic to learn about boosting productivity and controlling costs, while juggling HR-related compliance.

ADP A Trusted Partner

ADP provides our clients with world class security and creates a trusted environment that gives our clients the freedom to help their businesses grow and pursue your strategic goals

ADP Human Capital Insights, Volume 6

Is your business and global workforce in a state of constant change? As you look to build your HCM strategy and achieve alignment with changing measures of success, we’re pleased to bring you our sixth volume of ADP® Human Capital Management Insights Magazine.

ADP Human Capital Insights, Volume 5

Read Volume 5 of the Human Capital Insights magazine, a publication filled with fresh perspectives and insights that we’ve gleaned from our work with over 630,000 organizations across 111 countries.

Trends in Global Payroll - Human Capital Management

Hear from Todd Horvath, President of Multinational Clients (MNC), on “Trends in Global Payroll - Human Capital Management” from Global Payroll, the official magazine of the Global Payroll Management Institute.

The 4 C’s of Benefits Management

Hear from Gerry Leonard, President of Benefits Services as he discusses strategies around the 4 C’s and how to engage employees through benefits.

ADP Human Capital Insights, Volume 4

Read Volume 4 of the Human Capital Insights magazine, a publication filled with the latest research and insights into the future of Human Capital Management.

Connecting Workforce Insights & Business Impact through Data Science

As organizations increase the focus on collecting large amounts of data on their workforce, the question quickly arises around how to gain better insight from all of the information gathered.

Harnessing Big Data: The Human Capital Management Journey to Achieving Business Growth

Business growth through market expansion will be the primary business strategy of multinational corporations.

Big Insights for
Large Business

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