ADP Human Capital Insights,
Volume 11

Flip to our cover story, “The Many Layers of the Gender Pay Gap Issue,” to discover the ‘why’ behind pay gaps, how they vary between generations and most importantly, what you can do to help close the gap as an employer.

You will also find articles that cover:

  • Minimizing risk. Topics like workplace sexual harassment and data breaches might be in the spotlight, but there are steps you can take to help keep them out of your workplace.
  • Cultivating your people. Investing in strategies and efficiencies that enhance the employee experience can help drive employee productivity.
  • Technology transformations. Recent advances in technology, like Artificial Intelligence and blockchains, continue to prove the future of HR has arrived.
  • Trending topics. Utilize findings from recent studies to help you increase employee engagement and adapt to changes within the workplace and economy.