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ADP Payroll Guide: 5 Reasons to Use a Payroll Provider

Payroll and tax filing is complex and time-consuming. In fact, almost 25 percent of small businesses spend 120 hours annually on employee tax issues alone*. It helps to leave payroll to the pros. Our guide will explain why it’s smart to choose a provider.


Here’s a preview of what you’ll gain from outsourcing:

  • Spend less time on payroll, more time on profits.
  • Stress-free compliance at all times.
  • Tailor your payroll to your needs—not the other way around.

Learn more about these benefits—and more—in our free guide. Download it today and envision worry-free payroll!


* Source: http://www.nsba.biz/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/NSBA- Tax-Survey-2014.pdf