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Make payday fun
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electronic pay.

Eliminate the hassle and switch to ADP electronic pay solutions.

Stuffing envelopes. Signing and mailing checks. Paying your people the old-fashioned way isn’t easy. That’s why more and more businesses are switching to electronic pay.

ADP offers flexible payment options (even for those without traditional banking relationships) to minimize stress and help ensure your employees get paid accurately and on time. Plus, we’ll streamline the entire process by integrating electronic pay with your in-house payroll solution with zero interruption.

With ADP, you can pay your employees via:

  • Full-service direct deposit.
  • ALINE Card by ADP® pay card.
  • ALINE Check by ADPSM.

Not only does our single-file solution eliminate complexity and reduce your costs, but it keeps your people happy, too.

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