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More ACA changes
are on the way.
Are you prepared? Get help understanding and simplifying compliance for 2016.

Five Reasons Why You Can’t Take a Vacation from the ACA.

Learn what matters most for your business going forward with the ACA:

  • The ACA is never unplugged, and needs your ongoing attention
  • Most transitional relief has ended, and you’ll likely need to meet stricter requirements
  • Former employees may factor into your ACA obligations
  • More Exchange Notices are coming, and you’ll need a plan to manage them
  • 2016 reporting can be easier if you start planning now

Download the guide to understand your obligations for 2016 and beyond.

ADP has the expertise to help you stay on track with ACA compliance.

This year alone, we:

Issued more than 10 million Forms 1095-C

Helped over 25,000 clients with the ACA, ranging from 50 to 50,000+ employees

Certified over 1,700 associates in Health Care Reform to help businesses comply

Provided client toolkits to help businesses communicate with their employees

Ready to take control of your ACA obligations?

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