SMS Holdings is a family of companies that provide commercial housekeeping, safety and managed staffing services, and uniforms to high-traffic, public and commercial facilities, including airports, arenas, campuses, downtown districts, governments, hospitals, hotels, malls, parks, resorts and stadiums throughout the United States. Michelle Scheible, Senior Payroll Director, shares how SMS Holdings uses ADP Workforce Now® to deliver a streamlined and consistent user experience across their portfolio of companies.

Since going live with ADP Workforce Now, we can better collaborate across our companies. They’re able to share their best practices and what works for them across the company and we’re able to standardize things on the back end.

Michelle Scheible, Senior Payroll Director
SMS Holdings


  • Multiple systems made it challenging to pull data and provide necessary reports to executives.

How ADP helped

  • ADP Workforce Now enabled SMS Holdings to streamline systems and data for accurate, real-time reporting to senior executives.
  • Employee and manager self-service helps reduce calls to HR and provides employees with access and control over their personal data.


Why ADP Workforce Now

We’re on a shared services model for payroll and HR. We handle onboarding, new hires, I-9 and compliance, all the way to termination and final payment. I’m in charge of assisting the company in staying compliant, whether that’s payroll, HR or tax.

Before ADP Workforce Now, we used multiple systems. Being across multiple platforms makes it difficult to report and get the right information to the right people. ADP Workforce Now has really given us the ability to have one solution for researching and reporting and enables us to provide real-time results to our executive teams.

One of the specific insights that ADP Workforce Now helped us discover was that our internal process regarding how we manage our data is very clean. When we were migrating to Workforce Now, we heard repeatedly from our implementation team that our data was very clean, so that was just reaffirming to us that we were doing the right things.

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