Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) is a nonprofit dedicated to creating a world without blood cancer. Founded in 1949, LLS currently employs around 1,000 people who are spread out across North America. Looking to relieve the stress of the small team handling all the payroll processes, LLS turned to ADP to find streamlined solutions and peace of mind. We recently spoke to JR Miller, CFO, and Liz Patterson, payroll manager, about their experience with ADP and how ADP COS helps them focus on areas that matter most.

We needed a partner like ADP to help us with business resiliency and business continuity to ensure payroll would get processed.


JR Miller, CFO
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


  • Manual processes were creating a heavy burden for the payroll manager — the main payroll practitioner at LLS. The organization was looking for a way to alleviate that burden so that she could focus not only on other tasks, but on her own health.

How ADP helped

  • With ADP Comprehensive Outsourcing Services (COS), a managed services solution, LLS was able to streamline many of their payroll processes, helping to improve internal efficiencies and reduce the burden on the payroll manager. ADP’s Enterprise eTime® solution along with the ADP mobile app better facilitated employees working from home during the global health crisis.

Managing payroll complexities:

JR: Our payroll processes were very complex — we had to calculate everything manually in Excel and our timecards were being submitted via Excel. It was daunting to get everything compliant, correct and submitted timely.

Liz: Now with ADP COS, daily and per payroll tasks are delegated to our ADP team, which frees up my time and attention to other LLS matters and projects. I can rely on my ADP COS team for tax compliance, benefits assistance and wage garnishment management and it makes my day a lot less stressful.

ADP helps us streamline our payroll tax processes. Because we are managing our workforce from home and dealing with different state and local jurisdictions, ADP has really been helpful in making sure that we get everything done on time. Having ADP as a dedicated resource, only a phone call away, has been super helpful.

Streamlining to create better efficiencies:

JR: We’ve been able to streamline our processes with our HR business partners who can directly access the data that they need, when they need it, without putting added pressure or burden on our small payroll team. All the processes are standardized with written operating procedures and have reduced the number of payroll exceptions.

Liz: ADP has been helpful in getting our wage garnishments effectively managed. And having ADP eTime support has been super helpful with getting everything upgraded to ADP Mobile. Having a paperless payroll format has really added extra value. During the pandemic, going paperless has been extremely helpful. ADP Mobile has also enabled our workforce to complete their payroll tasks and their timecards.

Making impactful change for employees:

JR: Partnering with a payroll outsourcing provider allowed us to not put too much pressure on Liz [Patterson]. Since she was the only person who knew our processes and procedures, we were in a proverbial position of if Liz were hit by a bus, we would be up a creek without a paddle. This added tremendous stress on Liz, and she could only take on so much that we asked her to do.

We knew there were areas of ADP that we wanted to utilize such as improving eTime, rolling out ADP Mobile and MyADP, but we could never fit it into the schedule. Relying on payroll outsourcing freed up some of Liz’s time to work on more value-added projects, such as deploying these new services.

Liz: Partnering for payroll outsourcing has helped take the workload off my plate, making my day much more manageable. Having subject matter experts I can count on to help with over-payments or other applicable laws that could come into effect has been helpful in maintaining compliance — especially since LLS is spread across the country. Because I have this help, I can spend my time more effectively working on payroll tasks and implementing project.

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