With ADP’s Employee Handbook Wizard, you can easily create and maintain an employee handbook that outlines state and federal employment laws as well as your own custom polices. You’re also alerted to changes in regulations that would require you to update existing polices. Here’s what our clients are saying about the Employee Handbook Wizard.

I had been working on an employee handbook for our company for close to a year. It was very labor intensive. Then we found that ADP® has an Employee Handbook as part of their RUN Powered by ADP® platform and in one day we were able to create what I was working on for months.

Linda Leonardi, VP of Finance
DDP Yoga

Challenges small business clients faced:

  • Creating an employee handbook was time consuming and it was challenging to ensure that it could be kept current and up-to-date with changing regulations

How ADP helped:

  • Employee Handbook Wizard helped make it easy to create and keeps small business owners alerted to changes in regulations that would require updating existing policies