Joe Burum and Randy Merrill were so successful at opening Joint Chiropractic franchises that other franchisees started calling for advice. So they decided to make a business out of it. GO Launch Pros helps small-business owners open new franchises faster and more efficiently. But they quickly found that their web-based payroll solution couldn’t keep up with their needs.

The ability to pay as we run our payroll each month avoids that big end-of-year surprise and is much more in sync with our cash flow. It’s accurate every week, and I’m convinced that it saves us money.

Joe Burum

Joe Burum, Owner
GO Launch Pros

Business Challenge:

  • A web-based payroll provider didn’t offer enough flexibility or features to help this small company grow.

How ADP helped:

  • RUN Powered by ADP® and Pay-by-Pay® Workers’ Compensation premium payment program are designed to grow with your business.