Fitness 1440 Marietta: Giving an entrepreneur time back

Jason Alles had been in the fitness club business for 30 years when the opportunity came to open a Fitness 1440 franchise, named after the 1,440 minutes in a day. Unlike traditional gyms, Fitness 1440 gives its members 24/7 keyless access, so they can work out any time they like. Today, Alles owns three franchises and has become Fitness 1440’s master franchiser for the state of Georgia.

As an entrepreneur, the thing you’re passionate about is not payroll. But if you’re hung up having to work on all the back-end stuff, you’re not going to be focusing on what you’re good at, which is being on the front end. If you want to be able to focus on your business and not the behind-the-scenes stuff, you should get ADP. It gives me time to focus on the real business.

Jason Alles, Owner
Fitness 1440 Marietta

Business Challenge:

  • Reducing time spent on payroll and personnel issues without slowing down business growth.

How ADP Helped:

  • RUN Powered by ADP® (RUN) made payroll quick and easy, and HR HelpDesk gave them the resource they needed to hire with confidence