Matchbox Food Group: Flexible way to pay restaurant tips

As a Washington, D.C. metropolitan area restaurant with 1,500 employees in 11 locations, Matchbox Food Group wanted to get out of the business of playing “bank teller” with employee gratuities at the end of each shift. So the company enthusiastically welcomed a new solution – the integration of the ALINE Card by ADP® with Instant TIPS by GratSync®, a Gratuity Solutions® product, that pays employee tips automatically in almost “real-time.” Now employees are happy and restaurant management can focus on ensuring their operation is efficient and their guest are well served, without worrying about a manual end-of-shift process.
Harvey Metro, CEO, Matchbox Food Group

What ADP and Gratuity Solutions have done is taken a labor-heavy, high-risk, end-of-the-shift transaction and automated it, systematized it and made it simple. We're efficient, we're compliant, we're accurate.

Harvey Metro, CEO
Matchbox Food Group

Challenges Matchbox Food Group faced:

  • High employee onboarding in short timeframes
  • Needed an armored car service to delivery daily cash deposits to every location

How ADP helped:

  • Eliminated the need to have a large amount of cash on hand at the restaurant
  • Provided a secure, flexible method of payment that gives employees the means to pay bills and access cash without a bank account
  • Allowed managers to focus their time on service, operations and guests