As owners of a small automotive repair shop, brothers Eric and Welby Torres initially didn’t need a payroll solution when it was just them. But as they grew, they realized not knowing how to do payroll could hurt them. With business booming, they needed help.

This is literally like a giant brick off my back every week. All I have to do is gather the hours and go in to RUN Powered by ADP®. I love how I can just throw a bonus in there, or if I told a guy I would reimburse him for gas, I’ve got a space for that. It keeps track of everything.

Eric and Welby Torres Airtech Automotive

Eric and Welby Torres, Owners
Airtech Automotive

The Challenge Airtech Automotive faced

  • After years of avoiding payroll, a small business starts to grow quickly.

How ADP helped

  • RUN Powered by ADP® made it simple to add employees and help provide the benefits they expect.