In the 1960s, Norman B. Kellum, Jr., became something of a celebrity in northeast North Carolina for his high-profile criminal defense cases. Over the years, Mr. Kellum shifted his practice to personal injury, and today, Kellum Law Firm has a team of attorneys spread across 10 offices within northeast North Carolina.

They came in and simplified our process, which was clearly outdated, to the point that a new employee was able to come in and figure it out right away. Now, she does the payroll in a fraction of the time it used to take — it’s practically automatic. If we had kept our old system, she would probably still be figuring it out. And ADP helping guide us with our taxes has been a huge load off our back. We’re saving money by not having to pay someone to spend half their time on it.

Craig Keenhold Kellum Law

Craig Keenhold, Director of Operations
Kellum Law Firm

Business Challenge

  • After 45 years of doing payroll by hand, the business needed to update its process to free up staff time and reduce costly mistakes.

How ADP Helped

  • RUN Powered by ADP® automated much of the payroll and tax process, reduced errors, and saved hours of staff time per week.