As a nonprofit that focuses on providing a positive aging experience for its greater Bay Area communities, the team at Covia was on a mission to help their on-the-go employees spend more time and resources focused on their residents, not on manual, paper-based processes. Discover how partnering with ADP® helped them create efficiencies, save time and costs and help their staff focus more on what matters.

Now that we’ve partnered with ADP, I am saving 230 hours a year using ADP Benefits and premium billing. Besides the fact that all the files get sent to the vendors electronically, all the enrollments happen directly within the ADP system instead of on paper.

Toni Eslick

Toni Eslick, HR Director

Challenges Covia faced:

  • Using tedious, paper-based processes for most HR tasks, including benefits
  • Having difficulty dispersing information efficiently to their 10 locations

How ADP helped

  • Automated processes with ADP Benefits and premium billing helped Covia save 230 hours a year
  • ADP Mobile provided an easy, paperless way to disperse information to employees in all locations while also allowing Covia’s workforce to access important information on the go