Comerica Bank Transforms HR to a Strategic Business Partner

Comerica Bank provides companies of all sizes with an array of credit and non-credit financial products and services. With over 10,000 employees across the United States, Comerica realized they needed to engage a new Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) provider to improve payroll accuracy, manage call center concerns and decrease notifications due to vendor errors. Discover how their partnership with ADP helped to integrate all of Comerica’s resources to make their HR team more efficient and cost-effective while transforming them from a tactical to strategic business partner.

Comerica Bank transforms HR to a strategic business partner

Our partnership with ADP has just been phenomenal. They bring as much expertise as I could want. We have a great mutual respect for each other, so we not only reach out to them and ask them questions about how we can do something different and better, but they will bring things. When they see patterns or they see issues, they’ll bring that to our attention as well. It is that mutual communication that back and forth that makes us so successful. ADP is absolutely an extension of my team. We work together to make things the best they can be for our employees.

Catherine Garrett, SVP of HR operations, technology, and compliance
Comerica Bank