Gravilla Estates Realty Group was founded in 2015 as a one-woman company. Beth Gravilla was new to the business, but quickly saw how far she could grow — if only she could find the courage to realize her potential. Here’s how Beth used ADP to supercharge her business.

Now, I use RUN Powered by ADP® for payroll just to pay myself. My business’s quarterly taxes are being paid, but also, as an employee of my LLC, my taxes are being taken out as well, which provides me with my W2. It provides me peace of mind.

Elizabeth Gravila, Gravila Estates Realty

Elizabeth Gravila, Owner
Gravilla Estates Realty Group

Business Challenge:

  • How to calculate and withhold taxes from commission checks as a one-person company.

How ADP Helped:

  • RUN Powered by ADP® automatically calculates and withholds taxes for the business and employees.