The engineering industry is likely to help businesses in other sectors unlock the future of workplace solutions. But increasing efficiencies and improving return on investment for others may require you to embrace the latest trends and technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, resilient systems and more. You may also need new talent and skillsets that are sometimes hard to attract. To differentiate your business from competitors, consider these enhancements to your retirement savings plan:

  • Increase savings rates automatically
    Only 66.1% of plan sponsors say the vast majority or all of their participants defer enough income to take full advantage of employer match. Automatic escalations can help more plan participants maximize their saving opportunities.
  • Offer a financial wellness program
    Engineering is a high stress, high time commitment career. Give your employees one less thing to worry about with a support service that helps them improve their financial literacy, manage debt, protect their identity, plan for retirement, save for college and more.
  • Avoid investment funds that pay 12b-1 or sub-TA fees
    Funds with these types of fees may not be in your participants’ best interests and could add to your fiduciary risk. Alternatively, choose plans that offer a selection of low-cost or zero revenue funds.

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