Illuminating the Shadow Workforce

Insights into the Gig Economy for the Enterprise

ADP Research Institute illuminates the reality behind the gig economy and how it’s changing the world of work for businesses. This study illustrates the impact of the gig workforce and the dynamics of the traditional workforce versus the 1099-M contractors and short-term W2 workers often referred to as “gig workers”.

Gig workers typically fall outside the enterprise workforce strategy, yet they are driving performance and impacting budget, but not systematically managed or tracked. Thus, for many organizations, gig workers essentially comprise a shadow workforce.

This report will provide insights for HR leaders, line of business leaders, IT leadership, and leaders responsible for CX (customer experience).

Get a Snapshot via Infographics

Key takeaways from this report are broken into three categories. Drill-down to see the infographic for each category:

Realities of the Changing World of Work
There is a lot of speculation in the market about who is a gig worker and how the gig economy impacts the future of work. Here’s what you should know about the gig workforce and how the changing world of work is impacting how businesses engage workers.  View Infographic

Filling the Skills Gap with the Gig Workforce
HR leaders and their business counterparts are experienced a heightened talent and skills shortage. Searching just for traditional workers is slowing down the ability to run businesses. The gig economy can help fill this gap.  View Infographic

What you should know about Recruiting in the Gig Economy
Once you decide that your business wants stay competitive in this tight labor market, here’s what you should know about gig workers. Traditional forms of recruiting and retention may not work for this extended workforce.  View Infographic

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