Age and Retirement Benchmarks: Key Analytics that Drive Human Capital Management

Irrespective of the industry, business leaders consider talent of their workers as the key business resource. There are many facets to the talent story – age and retirement being more fundamental in nature. These metrics allow companies to compare their own to industry and regional norms – shaping long-term business strategies. This study provides an analysis of the U.S. workforce to formulate age and retirement benchmarks – for the economy as a whole and specifically for six industries those representing more than 60% of the nation’s workforce.

About the Study: Conducted by ADP Research Institute®, a specialized group within ADP, this study is based on the 4th quarter of 2012 actual, aggregate and anonymous employee-level data from approximately 52,000 ADP clients. Though all states and industries are covered for averages and general results, the study concentrates on six selected industries: Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Public Administration.  Each of the companies in the study has 50 or more employees, including both full-time and part-time workers.