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The ADP Research Institute has thus far been known primarily for its research on labor market trends, such as the National Employment Report, the Workforce Vitality Report, and other research. Now, the Institute is extending its research focus to include all aspects of People + Performance at work. Its research agenda will concentrate on finding the most reliable ways to measure employee talents, employee engagement, team effectiveness, leader effectiveness, and performance.

Leading this effort is Marcus Buckingham, who spent 17 years at the Gallup Organization building measurement tools that do exactly that; such as StrengthsFinder, Q12, and (since leaving Gallup) the StandOut Assessment and Engagement Pulse. His commitment is to ensure that the ADP Research Institute produces only research that is methodologically rigorous, using the most precise psychometric methods currently in use. From the Institute, you can expect research that will help employees, leaders, and teams perform at their best.

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Marcus Buckingham
Head of ADP Research Institute People + Performance

Articles & Insights

The Global Study of Engagement: Technical Report

Our Technical Report provides a detailed description of our methods and findings for the Global Engagement Study.
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Articles & Insights

The Global Study of Engagement: Executive Summary

The Executive Summary describes the top 10 findings of our Global Engagement Study.
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Articles & Insights

The Global Engagement Index: Cross-country engagement baselines

This paper summarizes the research undertaken to build the GEI and the results.
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Articles & Insights

Engagement Pulse: Team Leader Effectiveness Through the Eyes of Employees

This paper describes the item development process for the Engagement Pulse survey.
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The ADP Research Institute is the global thought leader for Labor Market and People and Performance research. Our unmatched expertise on today’s workforce and Talent Management affords us a refined data set built for cutting through the endless flow of information surrounding the world of work. We are the source industry experts and policy makers turn to for the most timely, thorough, and credible information surrounding the working world. At the ADP Research Institute, our reach extends to some of the brightest minds in the world to ensure we always provide relevant and actionable data to business owners, team leaders, and policy makers alike, removing the guesswork and giving you the insights you need.

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