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Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large enterprise that pays employees worldwide, ADP payroll software is backed by our industry-leading tax expertise to help you avoid mistakes and penalties. Better payroll through ADP can mean:

  • Software in the cloud backed by experts on the ground.
  • Flexibility to scale software and services as your needs change.
  • Security and reliability so you can get back to running your business.



Payroll & Tax

Payroll and tax services that are easy, affordable, trustworthy, and complete.

Human Resources

Human Resources services that help you navigate complexity and take care of employees.

Time & Attendance

Time tracking that connects right to payroll, with employee scheduling, wage and hour compliance and time-off tracking.

Mobile pay statements and more for employees

For today’s workforce on the go, ADP places secure and convenient tools right in your employees’ hands for simple, accessible self-service across devices.

  • View pay and W-2 statements
  • Clock in and out and view time-off balances
  • Access retirement accounts and benefit plan information

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