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ADP Advisor Access 401(k) plan management solutions are tailored for financial advisors and their clients.

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From plan design and implementation to driving retirement readiness, ADP can help you and your clients every step of the way. ADP Advisor Access is a comprehensive retirement plan solution that combines a flexible and unbiased investment platform, scalable plan administrative services, and unmatched support and resources for you and your clients.

Powerful and flexible investment options

ADP offers distinct options for advisors looking to help their clients build 401(k) retirement plans. These are:

Open Fund Architecture

Open Fund Architecture

For those wanting to do their own due diligence, ADP’s open fund architecture provides access to over
12,000 non-proprietary investment options from 130+ leading investment managers.

Screened Investment Tiers

Screened Investment Tiers

Investment options on ADP’s platform are screened and sorted into tiers based on ADP’s underwriting criteria.5

To further assist you, the funds are segmented into three sample lineups
for each screened investment tier. These are:

Basic Sample Line-up

Designed for plans whose participants have below-average investment experience and that want to be more protective of their plan participants by including asset classes that make up a core investment line-up. The asset classes included ensure that the Line-up provides minimum asset class exposure for a basic diversified portfolio.

Standard Sample Line-up

Designed for plans whose participant population possesses an average level of investment experience and a basic understanding of the risks associated with specialized asset classes, as it provides participants with more investment choices.

Advanced Sample Line-up

Designed for plans whose participants have above-average investment experience and above-average understanding of the risks associated with specialized asset classes.

If you choose our Screened Investment Tiers, your clients can then add fiduciary services
to help you and your client make specific investment decisions.

Options for reducing investment
fiduciary burden

ADP makes available investment fiduciary services through Mesirow Financial.6 These services
can help advisors manage fiduciary risk associated with investment selection and
monitoring under Section 3(21) and 3(38) of ERISA.7

Assist me

Section 3(21) Co-Fiduciary Service

This approach provides guidance in
selecting investment options from a
broad menu of pre-screened
investment choices.

Select for me

Section 3(38) Investment Management Service

With this service Mesirow Financial
assumes full investment discretion for
selecting, monitoring and if necessary
replacing investment options for your client.

With either service, Mesirow Financial will act as a registered investment advisor and provide your
plan with legal protection and defense against certain third-party, ERISA-related lawsuits
regarding selecting and monitoring investment options.

Gain efficiency and reduce
administrative risk with SMARTSync


ADP Advisor Access offers our joint payroll and retirement services clients SMARTSync — an intelligent, fully integrated administration program that can help mitigate plan administration risk.

SMARTSync continuously shares critical plan data between ADP payroll and ADP retirement plan recordkeeping systems where data is checked for accuracy and potential errors are flagged.

Web Direct Services for Non-ADP Clients
If one of your clients does not use ADP payroll services, our Web Direct
services makes it simple to transition payroll and conduct all their 401(k)
administration using ADP’s plan sponsor website.

Starting out right

A retirement plan is one of the most important – and attractive – benefits a business can offer. But if you’re moving an existing retirement plan or setting one up for the first time, it can seem like a daunting task. Learn how ADP’s plan setup dashboard can help simplify the process.

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Employees can access the mykplan website anywhere. They’re able to see how the funds are doing, where the money’s going, and they make all of their elections online.*

Shannon Spaulding,
HR Coordinator, Temenos, ADP Retirement Services Client

* Not all clients will experience the same results. ADP has not compensated any clients or individuals for the included testimonials.

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5. Provided for informational purposes to assist you in fulfilling your fiduciary duties. ADP, LLC and its affiliates do not offer investment, tax or legal advice or management services, or service in a fiduciary capacity with respect to retirement plans. Nothing in these materials is intended to be, nor should be construed as, advice or a recommendation for a particular situation or plan. Please consult with your own advisors for such advice provided. In assembling and presenting its investment platforms, ADP is not undertaking to provide impartial investment advice or to give advice in a fiduciary capacity.

6. Fiduciary services are provided through Mesirow Financial Investment Management, Inc., an SEC-registered investment advisor. Mesirow Financial refers to Mesirow Financial Holdings, Inc. and its divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates. The Mesirow Financial name and logo are registered service marks of Mesirow Financial Holdings, Inc. © 2016, Mesirow Financial Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. Mesirow Financial Holdings, Inc. Advisory Fees are described in Mesirow Financial Investment Management, Inc.’s Form ADV Part 2 Mesirow Financial does not provide legal or tax advice. All rights reserved. The specific instances in which a party may be entitled to indemnity are set forth in detail in the agreement between the plan sponsor and Mesirow Financial, and nothing herein is intended to modify that agreement.

7. Investment advisory and management services provided by Mesirow Financial are available through ADP Strategic Plan Services, LLC (SPS). SPS affiliates may also receive fees paid by manufacturers or distributors of the investment options included in this product in connection to other professional services provided by SPS or an affiliate thereof. The advice provided by Mesirow Financial is in no way related or contingent upon the payment received for these other services. SPS is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser whose advisory activities are limited to making available to you Mesirow Financial’s services; registration does not imply a certain level of skill or services. ADP, LLC (“ADP”) provides technology services that facilitate a plan’s connectivity to Mesirow Financial; doing so and providing this information does not mean that ADP recommends Mesirow Financial as a service provider to your plan.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing with a client, ADP, LLC and its affiliates (ADP) do not endorse or recommend specific investment companies or products, financial advisors or service providers; engage or compensate any financial advisor or firm for the provision of advice; offer financial, investment, tax or legal advice or management services; or serve in a fiduciary capacity with respect to retirement plans. Investment options are available through the applicable entity(ies) for each retirement product. Investment options in the “ADP Direct Products” are available through either ADP Broker-Dealer, Inc. (Member FINRA), an affiliate of ADP, LLC, One ADP Blvd, Roseland, NJ (ADP BD) or (in the case of certain investments) ADP, LLC. Only licensed representatives of ADP Broker-Dealer, Inc. (Member FINRA), an affiliate of ADP, LLC, One ADP Blvd, Roseland, NJ, or, in the case of certain products, of a broker-dealer firm that has executed a marketing agreement with ADP, LLC may offer and sell ADP retirement products or speak to retirement plan features and/or investment options available in any ADP retirement product, and only associated persons of ADP Strategic Plan Services, LLC (SPS) may speak to any investment management or advisory services provided by SPS or any third party in connection with such ADP retirement products. SPS is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or services.