ADP Financial Wellness Resources

For most of us, financial wellness is an important subject as we navigate life’s many decisions.
ADP can help inform decisions that lead to financial wellness with helpful tools and information1.

Reduce financial stress. Make better decisions.
Start saving for a bright future.

Money is a significant source of stress for many of us and can even impact our productivity at work and health.

Reduce Financial Stress

40% of Americans indicate they live paycheck
to paycheck

Reduce Financial Stress

63% don’t feel able to
cover unexpected expenses
like a $500 auto repair3

Reduce Financial Stress

20% put off, or consider putting off healthcare visits due to cost4

Give employees the tools they need to manage their personal financial needs.

ADP's Financial Wellness education library – accessible from an individual’s retirement plan participant web portal – provides helpful information, tool and videos. Subject include managing debt, saving for a home, anticipating future healthcare costs and planning for life events like having a child or saving for college.

You can learn more about the wealth of information
available at ADP through this video:

Employee tools to manage personal financial needs

Information that counts
on subjects that matter.

No matter where someone is in life, ADP has helpful information for financial planning and wellness at every life stage.

Topics available include:

  • Financial Literacy – Learn basic savings strategies, debt management tips and how to free up cash even on a budget.
  • Saving for the Future – Learn the risks and potential rewards of different investment options as well as the benefits of participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan.
  • Home & Family – Learn how to plan for major life events like having a baby, assisting aging parents, and assessing your insurance needs.
  • Health & Welfare – Learn about health care options and savings tools for use in retirement including details on Medicare, Flexible spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.
  • Enjoying Retirement – Learn to plan for a retirement by understanding the benefits of asset allocation, the basics of estate planning.

Retiring in the future
takes smart planning now.

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1. Unless otherwise indicated, educational videos, articles and tools are provided by and are the property of DST Systems, Inc. All other videos, articles and tools are the properties of the third parties named therein. The videos, articles, calculators and tools are for general information only and are not intended to provide financial, investment, tax or legal advice or recommendations, nor are they the sole authority on any regulation, law or ruling. ADP is not responsible for the accuracy and/or content of such materials.

2. Source: and-living-paycheck-to-paycheck-in-america.html

3. Money Pulse survey - Princeton Survey Research Associates, December 2015

4. Paying With Our Health - American Psychological Association, February 2015

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