Advisors: Smarter
tools for better
retirement services.

Insights, powerful tools and helpful resources.


Advisors: Get smarter tools
for better retirement services.

Get access to expert insights, powerful technologies and helpful resources all designed to
keep your clients’ retirement plans running smoothly.

A complete suite of retirement tools,
information and services for today’s
professional advisors.

ADP Retirement Tools

ADP Insights

Leverage the professional expertise of ADP to help you deliver
exceptional retirement plan results to your clients.

Help your clients’ employees achieve
financial wellness.

Employees identify financial matters as a top source of stress in their lives.9
ADP can help you provide your clients with Financial Wellness
information and tools to share with their employees.10

Accessed through their retirement plan participant website,
they’ll discover useful insights on topics such as:

  • Managing Debt
  • Saving for college
  • Planning for retirement
  • Estate Planning
  • Long-term investing
  • Saving for a home
  • Staying within a budget
  • Finding money to save
  • Managing healthcare costs

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Retirement Advisor Confidence Index

Advisors say some clients fear a correction in equities, while others are afraid to miss out on further potential gains.


2.4% from Previous Month

Financial Planing & ADP

June 2018

Trade War Worries Clients


2.1% from Previous Month

Financial Planing & ADP

April 2018

Clients’ Stock Allocations on the Rise


0.2% from Previous Month

Financial Planing & ADP

March 2018

Client Risk Aversion Deepens

Helpful tools to get your clients retirement ready.

Retirement means different things to different people. So does retirement readiness. ADP gives
advisors access to a complete suite of helpful tools:

For Advisors

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Retirement Planning Materials

Good advisors educate their clients throughout the process of financial planning. ADP provides educational materials that can help inform your conversations and equip your clients with the information they need.

  • Education Materials Catalog
    Download our complete catalog of employee education materials.
  • Sample Retirement Payment Report
    Share this report to help employees understand how much they need to save to meet their retirement goals.
Retirement Planning Materials

Help your client navigate the entire retirement
planning journey

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9. Stress in America — American Psychological Association, February 2015

10. Unless otherwise indicated, educational videos, articles and tools are provided by and are the property of DST Systems, Inc. All other videos, articles and tools are the properties of the third parties named therein. The videos, articles, calculators and tools are for general information only and are not intended to provide financial, investment, tax or legal advice or recommendations, nor are they the sole authority on any regulation, law or ruling. ADP is not responsible for the accuracy and/or content of such materials.

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