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  • ADP National Employment Report


    ADP National Employment Report®

    See a monthly snapshot of U.S. nonfarm private sector employment based on actual transactional payroll data.


    Winning with Wellness

    In this paper, we report the benefits of financial wellness for both employee and employers, layout strategies for implementing and effective and provide information on how to tackle the obstacles an employer might encounter.


    Financial Wellness

    View a video about ADP’s new program which is designed to educate employees on matters such as budgeting, debt management and overall financial literacy, and provides the planning resources they need to help them achieve financial health.

Retirement Advisor Confidence Index

Track trends in wealth management business cycles with 10 key benchmarks, published monthly in Financial Planning magazine. Roughly 300 advisors are surveyed monthly.

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  • 55.7
    2.1% from Previous Month

    SEPTEMBER 2017

    Planners Urge Discipline

    Improvement in business conditions accelerates as bull run overwhelms qualms about valuations.

  • 53.6
    0.05% from Previous Month

    AUGUST 2017

    Hints of Nervousness

    Business conditions may have improved, but the possibility that markets may be overvalued is raising wealth managers’ concerns.

  • 54.1
    2.3% from Previous Month

    JULY 2017

    Advisers’ Optimism Dampened

    As the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule takes effect, some planners express fear that fees may drop and compliance costs may rise.

Tools You Can Use

Interactive tools for advisors, retirement plan sponsors and plan participants.

Payroll Integration Calculator ›
Calculate the time and money savings for your clients with ADP payroll and 401(k).

401(k) Contribution Calculator ›
Help your clients’ employees figure out how much they should be contributing to their 401(k)s.

Asset Allocation Profiler ›
Determine the best asset allocation for your clients with this simple but powerful survey.

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Retirement Plan Materials

Information and resources for sponsors and participants.

Employee Education Program ›
Overview of employee education program.
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