Unemployment Claims

Improve the way you
handle unemployment
claims filings.


Combining advanced technology and deep expertise, ADP SmartCompliance® is a world-class solution for both ADP and non-ADP payroll systems.

Unemployment claims are often an inevitable part of running any enterprise. ADP helps take the hard work out of the process by providing automation alongside insight, consultation and even representation - all with a focus on helping your company stay compliant with federal and state laws and regulations.

In a changing regulatory landscape, having a knowledgeable service provider can make all the difference.

Unemployment taxes are the one tax that you can control. With ADP SmartCompliance you’ll have a team of experts ready to help you with:

  • Coaching and counseling on pre-termination considerations
  • Consultation and experienced representation at hearings
  • Training related to changing compliance requirements
  • Tax rate and benefit charge auditing to help control costs and ensure accuracy

The control you want with ease
you’ll appreciate.

ADP SmartCompliance is an advanced technology that perfectly complements the
expertise and service ADP provides as part of the Unemployment Claims service module.

Unemployment Claims system and data integration

Seamless system and
data integration.

  • Easily integrates with leading HCM systems (both ADP and non-ADP)
  • Help ensure compliance with Unemployment Insurance requirements
  • Identify potential errors before they become costly issues
  • Reduce the clerical burden of paperwork
Unemployment Claims access and visibility

Process transparency
and control.

  • On-demand access and visibility into your unemployment claims cases
  • Manage, prepare for, monitor and respond to cases and hearings
  • Help ensure all forms of communication are handled appropriately
  • Set notifications to be alerted about upcoming hearings and activity
Unemployment Claims processing management

Reporting and analytics to
guide decisions.

  • Spot trends and identify opportunities for cost control
  • Manage and optimize your unemployment claim processing
  • Help measure compliance effectiveness

ADP is ready to help you make handling your unemployment claims easier and more efficient.

By combining the expertise of our trained team of unemployment claims experts with the advanced process management of ADP SmartCompliance, your business can manage
unemployment claims more efficiently and effectively.

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