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What makes ADP’s Employee Self-Service better than the competition?

ADP has been revolutionizing the way organizations manage their back office since 1949. The introduction
of Workforce Now has extended the revolution to include all your workforce management systems. Flexible, integrated payroll, HR, Benefits Administration and Time & Attendance systems are no longer the exclusive domain of the Fortune 500. Workforce Now is helping organizations like yours to:

Do more with less
Improve your bottom line
Stay out of trouble*, and
Find, grow and keep great people

Workforce Now integrates HR & benefits administration, payroll and time & attendance, enabling you to effectively manage payroll processing and time tracking, achieve tighter control over benefits costs and provide online employee communications to reduce distribution and printing costs. Integral Employee Self-service and Manager Self-service further extend the savings and control your organization can realize.

With Workforce Now, Employee Self-service is not a tacked—on function, but an integral part of a comprehensive HR solution. And it is available both as a software solution and as an outsourced service.

Workforce Now HR and Benefits Solution combines a full-featured Human Resource Management System and Benefits Administration into an integrated, robust solution that can help your organization comply with applicable government regulations, reduces benefits costs and adds to employee satisfaction.

Combining Workforce Now’s comprehensive HRMS functionality with ADP’s experience and expertise provides you with a service option that allows you to focus on your organizational objectives. Workforce Now HR Services helps eliminate administrative burdens, giving you the flexibility to create a virtual HR department that adjusts to your needs and, again, Employee Self-service and Manager Self-service are integrated into this powerful service solution.

These reasons sound great - but what about the economy? Still not sure your organization can afford to implement Employee Self-service? Maybe the question is can you afford not to? Consider these remarkable stories from ADP clients…

Link to why implement Employee Self-service now page

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* ADP is not engaged in the business of rendering legal services. If legal advice is required, the service of an attorney should be sought.

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