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How to Integrate General Ledger with Your Account

Follow the steps below to activate and integrate General Ledger within your account.

  1. Hover over the Company tab > Features Overview. The Payroll Features page will appear

  2. 2 boxes MUST be checked to activate (see Below)

    • Check the box for General Ledger to turn on the tab
    • Put a check in the box for service you are using:
      • General Ledger for QuickBooks Online
      • General Ledger for XERO
    • Save at the bottom
    • Click Home

  3. The General Ledger tab will appear

  4. Hover your mouse over the General Ledger tab > Click General Ledger Setup

  5. Select an account from the dropdown

  6. Click Next at the bottom

  7. Map your company on the next page

  8. Save when finished