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The ADP Internship Experience

If you're currently a college student, our internships give you the opportunity to experience ADP while still enrolled in school. Our Summer Internship program attracts nearly 300+ students across the U.S. to provide them with a meaningful hands-on experience and an introduction to corporate America.  Some divisions also hire students throughout the academic year to work part-time

Don't take our word for it - meet some of ADP's former interns.

ADP Intern


"I'm a junior at Rutgers University double majoring in Accounting and Business Analytics. I interned at ADP in the summer of 2012 and really enjoyed the experience, this positive experience was the reason I decided to come back and work part-time in January 2013. I have been working at ADP since then and have learned and contributed a great amount. Not only did I learn soft skills such as leadership, accountability, and presentation skills; I was also able to learn technical skills in SAP, Visio, and Excel. These skills acquired have definitely been an outside the classroom learning resource for me, and I encourage everyone to do the same. ADP is a great company to work at and provides an amazing culture and benefits for all its employees and also provides great services for its clients. My experience at ADP is a great supplement to my classroom education and a great preparation for the corporate world for the future. Thanks to ADP, I have made a lot of connections and I'm excited for my future. I look forward to coming back and possibly bringing in other people with me. ADP is a great place to work at, and I am proud that I work here. Go ADP!"

ADP Intern


"As a student at Rutgers University, I have been very fortunate to receive the opportunity to work at such a prestigious company. I began my first internship at ADP during the summer of 2012, in which I worked with the Sourcing and Pipelining Department under HR. That summer, the internship marked a turning point in my life, as my manager and mentor both facilitated my growth professionally and personally. I was able to walk out of the internship with the birth of a new sense of confidence, work ethic, optimism, and knowledge. ADP's internship program allowed interns to network with high level executives, develop a lasting friendship with the other interns, and provide a foundation for future professional endeavors. In fact, my first internship with ADP with so insightful and positive, that I made a decision to return to this company for a second internship. I truly recommend that students seeking an internship consider looking into ADP, as you gain a new sense of self and open the door to a host of infinite opportunities."

ADP Intern


"The opportunity to work at ADP came as a surprise. I started my internship in May 2013. I work closely with the Distributed Systems Automation Team in the Infrastructure group, and my manager made it clear from the beginning that I'd be working solely on prototypes that'd be used to sell the idea of automation within ADP’s infrastructure. My experience here at ADP has been a lot like working in a startup company in a sense that we started from scratch and built our way up. As such, it's more like research and development than anything else, and the technical skills and knowledge I've learned so far are priceless. The work environment is so relaxed and my work schedule is so flexible that these two were some of the top reasons I continued from a full-time intern this past summer to a part-time intern this past fall. Working at ADP has definitely strengthened my self-confidence as a professional in the corporate world, and the opportunity to work hands-on with other like-minded individuals, whether it be with other interns or full-time employees, has significantly helped me develop my interpersonal and technical skills.

I'm now a senior at Georgia Tech, hoping to graduate with a B.S. in Computer Science in May 2014. I’ve had an invaluable learning and working experience – things that school does not or cannot teach you – here at ADP. I'm really grateful for this unique opportunity, and I intend to stay even after I graduate to continue to develop my interpersonal, professional, and technical skills."

Meet our Campus Recruiting Team:

• Theresa Torres – Senior Director, Talent Acquisition
• Lisa Schmidt – Manager, Campus Recruiting
• Kathleen Hack – Senior Talent Acquisition Business Partner – Campus Programs
• Adele Mann –  Talent Acquisition Business Partner - Campus
• Courtney Peeler – Talent Acquisition Business Partner - Campus
• Gigi Alfonso – Talent Acquisition Business Partner - Campus
• Kate Sparano – Talent Acquisition Business Partner - Campus
• Max Morgan – Talent Acquisition Business Partner – Campus
• Rachel Martin – Associate Talent Acquisition Business Partner - Campus
• Torrence Traynham – Talent Acquisition Business Partner - Campus

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