As a Senior District Manager, I’m always prospecting for new business and managing existing accounts. I’m big on networking and maintaining strong business relationships with internal associates in multiple business units. Working as a team is the key to generating new business and ensuring we are providing clients with the products that are the best fit for them. My first manager showed me the ropes, so I get a lot of satisfaction out of sharing my experience with newer District Sales Managers on the team and serving as a mentor.

I like that we sell a solution to companies that gives their employees better benefits. Because our products are continuously being developed and improved, you always have to learn new things and change your approach to the sale. That keeps things fresh. And I have to say, being given the opportunity to open offices in major cities throughout the country and around the world is pretty exciting.

Working here allows you to be creative, too. For example, while working in Houston, I discussed an out-of-the-box sales concept called “team selling” that made accounts more manageable and helped the sales team become more focused and productive. ADP allowed me to run with it. Between 2002 and 2005, my colleague and I both made President’s Club every year. Ultimately, many groups around the country got into the same arrangement, and it proved to be very successful.

I came from a background in law, not sales, but my first manager saw my drive and work ethic and hired me. He trained me well and made me District Manager of Sales in Orlando. Soon after, I spearheaded the opening of the TotalSource office in Houston. More promotions quickly followed. And in 2005, I was asked to open the LA office. Next was a stint in Sydney, Australia, where I became a top sales associate. I returned to the states in 2008.

Throughout my career, I have benefited from countless training sessions, plus an amazing international work experience while in Australia. I never know what tomorrow will bring me, but one thing is certain—the opportunities are there.

I like to attend all scheduled team events and, over the years, have participated in countless social activities with my many ADP friends, like the time we went deep-sea fishing before a conference. And I’ll never forget winning the “TotalSource Idol” singing competition at the ADP National Sales Conference in 2005.  I sang Bon Jovi! I’ve also been in a production of West Side Story and am a member of the Gay Men’s Chorus. My dream is to perform in the Sydney Opera House to a sold-out crowd, including all my closest friends and family.

I also love international travel and going to places like London, Sydney, Paris and New York, where there’s good theater. My travels have also included New Zealand, Washington DC, Orlando and Las Vegas. Plus, I volunteer at a couple of different “No Kill” animal shelters.

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