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View the presentations from ADP® Benefits Summit 2017.


ADP Benefits Summit - Opening Remarks

Soumaia Mawad, Senior DVP, Benefits Services Sales
Leveraging the FY17 ADP Benefits Summit to network with fellow colleagues and industry leaders and explore how leaders are transforming their benefits strategy during a time when dramatic transformations in benefits models, Health Care Reform, and workforce innovation are changing the way top-performing organizations build and manage their benefits.

Transforming Benefits Business

Gerry Leonard, President, ADP Benefits Services
Insights on how changes in the workforce and technology are transforming benefits through innovation, partnerships, simplified operations and service.

Post-Election: What are the Impacts?

Ellen Feeney, Vice President, Legal Counsel
Learn critical information on the impact and changes post-election to ACA, American Health Care Act (AHCA) and Paid Sick Leave.

Shattering the Benefits Mold

Dave Marini, DVP Strategic Advisory Services
Bernadette Nace, VP, Benefits Outsourcing Consultant, Strategic Advisory Services
Mary Schafer, VP, HCM Strategic Communication, Strategic Advisory Services

Discover information on the current HCM landscape, benefits as a value prop in the workplace, and a communication strategy around benefit offerings, participation and engagement.

Benefits Industry Innovation & Reinvention

Speak with our Experts – Matt Considine (GoHealth), Brad Mandacina (Lockton), Matt Jackson (ADP), Ted Roofener and Neil Vaswani (Corestream)
Roundtable discussion where attendees had the opportunity to speak with experts in the Benefits Industry on current and innovative trends.

The Future of Multi-Generational Work to 2030

Keynote Address by HCM Thought Leader and International Best-Selling Author, Alexandra Levit
Key insights on how the global workplace, organizations, and employees will change in the next 10-15 years.

Benefits & the Moments That Matter

Employee benefits are one of the fastest-growing expenses for organizations today. With regulations changing all the time, they’re also among the hardest to control. Employee benefits trends are being driven by the “4Cs”: • Cost • Compliance • Culture • Consumerism. Benefits also come with risks for employers. No company can afford to NOT be compliant with the latest benefits rules and regulations. Additionally, benefits are also an important driver of an organization’s culture. So it’s important to help employees choose the benefits options that best fit their needs — helping them to become smart, educated consumers, just like they are in their personal lives.


Additional Resources



2016 Benchmarks and Trends for Large Organizations

The 2016 ADP® Annual Health Benefits Report is a snapshot of key benefits trends — in light of changes in the economy, workforce demographics, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Everest Group

ADP Named Major Contender and Star Performer in 2016 Everest Group PEAK Matrix Report on BAO Service Providers

In this report, Everest Group assesses Benefit Administration Outsourcing (BAO) service providers on their absolute market success and delivery capability.

How Does Your Organization Stack Up In Health Benefits Spending?

How does your organization fare in terms of health benefits spending? The answer can be tough for an employer to determine on its own. After all, you’ve had your head down, focused on Affordable Care Act reporting and compliance. Just making it through feels like a success. Determining how your spending stacks up compared to that of other organizations takes some outside perspective.

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