1980 – 1989

Unprecedented Change


CEO to U.S. Senator

In 1982, CEO Frank Lautenberg decided to run for the U.S. Senate from New Jersey. When he won, beginning a long and successful political career that lasted until 2013, Josh Weston succeeded him as ADP’s third CEO.

Frank Lautenberg, US Senator from NJ.

Frank Lautenberg was the last serving veteran of World War II in the United States Senate.


More Space for A Growing Organization

As the company grew and more associates joined, space became a challenge. In 1983, ADP moved its headquarters from its landmark 405 Route 3 building in Clifton to Roseland in suburban Essex County, New Jersey.

The ribbon cutting ceremony in Roseland, NJ.

In 1983, Frank Lautenberg attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new headquarters as a visitor, not an employee.


Putting the PC to Work…For ADP

The arrival of powerful desktop computers placed processing power in the hands of every business. Instead of seeing this as a threat, ADP saw an opportunity to use these computers as a platform for its payroll software.

ADP saw an opportunity to use computers as a platform for its payroll software.

We concluded that PCs were going to be in a lot of companies. So our aim was to become a partner with their PCs, instead of an enemy of their PCs. And from that starting point, all of our businesses from payroll to claims began to develop ways we could deliver our products and services using the clients’ PCs.

Josh Weston
CEO, 1982-1996


Breaking the Billion Dollar Mark

ADP continued its tremendous financial performance. By 1981, ADP’s total annual revenues had soared to more than $500 million, then doubled just four years later, when it surpassed the $1 billion mark.


Inventing a New Business

In 1989, ADP began to build a business focused on efficiently providing shareholder communications to investors. Called Investor Communications Services, it grew rapidly, and delivered communications including proxy ballots and annual reports to the majority of investors in the United States.

The 40th Anniversary cake.

Within 10 years ADP handled 90% of the communications for street-name securities in
the U.S.