Phishing Campaign: "Your password has been reset."

April 16, 2020

ADP has received reports regarding fraudulent emails being sent to ADP clients from email addresses that have the following format: Jana Benjamin <> with the following subject line: "Your password has been reset.” These emails instruct the recipient to reset their password for their ADP admin account.

Message Sender:
Jana Benjamin <benjamj1<at>>

Message Subject:
Your password has been reset.

These emails do not originate from ADP and our analysis has revealed that they may contain malicious content. We’re working with our fraud prevention team and anti-phishing vendor to address this incident. Please see the examples below which may vary in content and sender.

How to Report a Phishing Email
Be alert for this fraudulent email and follow the instructions below if you receive any suspicious email.

  • Do not click on any links or open any attachments within the message.
  • Forward the email as an attachment to, then delete it.
  • If you clicked any link or opened an attachment in the email, immediately contact your IT support.

The ADP Global Security Organization continues to actively monitor this situation. Clients are encouraged to visit our website at to learn more about how ADP protects data, and how clients can help protect themselves. Protecting our clients and their data from malicious activity is a top priority for ADP.