ADP Statement - Unemployment Claim Fraud

November 13, 2020

*This is an update to the May 22, 2020 post regarding the same topic.

ADP continues to receive requests from clients to validate suspect unemployment claims they deem as fraudulent.

At this time, ADP has determined that none of its internal systems have been compromised and no intrusion has occurred. Our analysis has revealed that the unemployment claim verifications are not associated with ADP and are unrelated to any previous events.

ADP is unable to confirm the validity of these claims. An employer may receive a request to verify an unemployment claim for various reasons, including the below common scenarios:

  • An unemployment claim was filed by an employee who used to work for the employer, but was terminated or furloughed
  • An unemployment claim was filed by an employee while they continue to work for the employer
  • An unemployment claim was filed by someone who stole the employee’s identity and the claim was filed for the employee’s time working for the employer

If you believe that you, your business or an employee were a victim of unemployment fraud, you should alert your state’s Department of Labor by following the guidance here.

The ADP Global Security Organization continues to actively monitor this situation. Clients are encouraged to visit our website at to learn more about how ADP protects data, and how clients can help protect themselves. Protecting our clients and their data from malicious activity is a top priority for ADP.

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