Recycling & Waste Reduction

We take significant measures to reduce waste and recycle office supplies and other materials that would otherwise end up our landfills.

Recycling & Waste Reduction

Recycling Drives

All over the world, we host recycling drives for clothing, eyeglasses, batteries, furniture, books, computers, magazines, cell phones and more.

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Recycled Construction Material

At our corporate headquarters in the U.S., in conjunction with the renovation of our northern New Jersey locations, we’ve recycled a variety of construction materials (i.e., carpet tiles, ceiling tiles) and office supplies.

Disposal and Recycling of Old Computers and Mobile Phones

Our European and Asian offices go well beyond the required regulations by sponsoring numerous initiatives aimed at safe, environmentally responsible waste disposal and the recycling of old computers and mobile phones.


Reduction in paper use in one office alone, saving money and much-needed space in our landfills.