Environmental Sustainability: Data Center Sustainability

Data centers are one of the largest sources of energy consumption at ADP, and we are committed to reducing that consumption even more than we already have.

Data Center Sustainability

Consolidated Data Centers

In the U.S., we have consolidated data centers from 20 to just two. Since the consolidation, we have reduced 24,000 tons of harmful carbon dioxide emissions annually. The result has been increased utilization of technology assets and decreased usage of kilowatts by half. We have also installed power efficient servers and energy efficient lighting. All of these changes, including the modern power efficient mechanical electrical and cooling equipment that was installed in the two data centers, has allowed us to save $3 million in electricity costs per year.

Green Grid®

ADP is an active member of Green Grid®, a global consortium dedicated to developing and promoting energy efficient data centers.

Water Usage

We minimize water usage by using technology to track, maintain, reuse and capture water for recycling in the U.S.