Employability: Building schools

We believe that all students need and deserve a safe, healthy and inspiring learning environment, including the appropriate resources, supplies and facilities to help them reach their full potential.

Building schools


ADP associates in India participate in MIDAS (Making an Impactful Difference At School), a program benefitting 60 Government Schools in Hyderabad and Pune and impacting 13,000+ children, including 150 visually impaired children and over 200 autistic children. MIDAS focuses on improving learning levels and employable skills in children from early childhood through post-graduation to enable higher education and improve employability. The MIDAS program is designed to enhance learning abilities and communication skills for low performing students as well as provide necessary amenities. To do this, the program sets up community libraries, science labs, and learning centers; conducts math and science fairs; hosts computer certification courses; and provides vocational courses for pre-primary teachers. In terms of infrastructure development, the program helps construct toilets, provide running and drinking water, and install solar bore wells and water purification units.

Children from schools participating in the program are able to visit an ADP office and participate in the company’s Annual Day and Family Days. Volunteers from ADP also conduct a Sports Day within schools and arrange outings to provide the children with exposure and to build their confidence.

ADP is proud to support a program that has increased children’s attendance, enrollment, and reading and writing skills, as proved by Baseline and End-line tests.

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Local Drives and Fundraisers

Through local drives and fundraisers in the United States, ADP associates have collected thousands of school supplies and donated them to students in need.

Dress for Success®

ADP associates support Dress for Success®, a non-profit organization that provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to low-income women in over 75 cities worldwide.


Reduction in paper use in one office alone, saving money and much-needed space in our landfills.