What Are You #WorkingFor?

ADP - What Are You #WorkingFor?

We decided to ask people a simple question:
What are you working for?

Today's workforce puts in the hours for more than just a paycheck. People want to do meaningful work that's fulfilling, allows them to grow, and has a positive impact on the world around them.

We asked people to share what they're working for. The answers continue to inspire us.

I'm #WorkingFor

To be the best HRIS Lead. @LauraDWinters

To become financially independent. @alexafit

To be the best me I can be, and use my intellect and talents in a productive way that challenges me. @ctchic27

To ease the hiring process so people can quickly focus on their job and career advancement. @MarkHan91619801

An integrated system that will make our processes more efficient and give us all more quality time outside work. @marti_lester

Early retirement in the Florida Keys. @janell_dresel

To utilize my skills in an environment that adds value to the community it serves. @MarilynMilby1

Family @amy_gavras

Helping employees every day and feeling challenged and rewarded. @gaylemcv

A world of travel opportunities. lyn@fosnaughtlyn

To learn new things to enhance my role in my organization. @rshu4you

To give my daughters a good role model and be able to live comfortably. @JodiLLloyd

Being able to enjoy retirement, traveling with my husband and visiting our kids and grandkids. @kareninshawnee

Being the best role model I can be for my daughter. @k_monroe32

To show business that payroll can be a strategic partner in helping keep the bottom line higher. @Calhouny12

Helping hospitals with their H2ROI. @H2ROI

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Paychecks are table stakes. What are you really working for?

“People are motivated by different things at different points in their work-life journey,” said Sreeni Kutam, Chief Human Resources Officer at ADP. “The challenge for leaders is to recognize the individual journey of their employees and create a work environment that provides opportunities for both growth and engagement.”

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