Reporting Ethical Violations

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Reporting Ethical Violations

Your conduct can reinforce an ethical atmosphere and positively influence the conduct of fellow associates. If you are aware of or suspect misconduct, you must report it to the appropriate level of management.

If you are still concerned after speaking with your local management or feel uncomfortable speaking with them, you can (anonymously, where allowed by local law):

  • Contact the ADP Ethics Helpline by:

Direct phone: 

1-973-535-7377  (Accessible from all locations)



ARG-Argentina 00 +800-60010600


AUS-Australia 0011 +800-60010600


AUT-Austria 00 +800-60010600


BEL-Belgium 00 +800-60010600 


BRA-Brazil 0021 +800-60010600


CAN-Canada 1-800-273-8442


CHE-Switzerland 00 +800-60010600


CHL-Chile 1230-020-0016


CHN-China 00 +800-60010600


CZE-Czech Republic 00 +800-60010600


DEU-Germany 00 +800-60010600


DNK-Denmark 00 +800-60010600


ESP-Spain 00 +800-60010600


FIN-Finland 990 +800-60010600


FRA-France 00 +800-60010600


GBR-United Kingdom 00 +800-60010600


HKG-Hong Kong 001 +800-60010600


HUN-Hungary 00 +800-60010600


IND-India 000800-9190048


IRL-Ireland 00 +800-60010600


ITA-Italy   00 +800-60010600


Japan KDDI 001+800-60010600


Japan NTT 0033 +800-60010600


Japan SOFTBANK 0061010 +800-60010600 


MEX-Mexico   001-8446149583


NLD-Netherlands 00 +800-60010600


PER-Peru 00 +800-60010600


PHL-Philippines 00 +800-60010600


POL-Poland 00 +800-60010600


PRT-Portugal 00 +800-60010600


RUS-Russia 00 +800-60010600


SGP-Singapore 001 +800-60010600


SVK-Slovakia 00 +800-60010600


SWE-Sweden 00 +800-60010600


TWN-Taiwan 00 +800-60010600


USA-United States 1-800-273-8442  



send an email to



send a detailed note, with relevant documents, to ADP, Mail Stop #325E, One ADP Boulevard, Roseland, New Jersey 07068; or

  • Contact the ADP Legal Department by phone at 1-973-974-5865 and ask to speak to an attorney designated to handle ethics matters; or 

  • Contact the Audit Committee of ADP’s Board of Directors by phone at 1-973-974-5770; sending a detailed note, with relevant documents, to P.O. Box 34, Roseland, New Jersey 07068; or sending an email to

Any reports that involve the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer or General Counsel of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. will be immediately communicated to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Your calls, detailed notes and /or emails will be dealt with confidentially, unless it is necessary to share such information in order to address the matter appropriately.  Regardless, you have the commitment of ADP and of the Audit Committee of ADP’s Board of Directors that you will be protected from retaliation.

Nothing in this or any other ADP policy prohibits you from providing information to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or any government agency in a manner contemplated by relevant law or regulation.

Any printed versions of this document should be used for immediate reference only.  Please refer to the latest electronically approved version. 
Updated April 6, 2016

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