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Tech Flex

Timely and topical insights on a host of payroll taxation and reporting issues that can affect the way you manage your payroll, your employee benefits, and your business.

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The April 2016 Tech Flex addresses the following topics:


  • Final Summary of Benefits Coverage Template Released
  • USCIS Proposes Changes to Current Form I-9


  • California to Raise Minimum Wage
  • New York State Enacts Minimum Wage Legislation
  • Oregon Amends Employee Wage Statement Content Requirements
  • Idaho Prohibits Local Minimum Wages
  • Nebraska Allows Child Support Payments Through Auto-Withdrawal
  • No Adjustment to Nevada Minimum Wage
  • North Carolina Bans Local Minimum Wages and Benefit Ordinances
  • West Virginia Modifies Garnishment Limits
  • Pasadena, CA Enacts City Minimum Wage
  • Seattle Amends Administrative Wage Theft Ordinance


  • Paid Sick Leave Expanded in California
  • California Updates CFRA and PDL Notices
  • Paid Family Leave Benefits Increase Enacted in California
  • Paid Family Leave Enacted in New York
  • City of Spokane, WA Posts Paid Sick Leave Frequently Asked Questions
  • Plainfield, NJ Enacts Paid Sick Time Ordinance

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