9/16/20151pm ESTBack to Business: ACA, Open Enrollment, Health Benefits and MoreRegister
9/16/201511am ESTBack to Business: ACA, Open Enrollment, Health Benefits and MoreRegister
8/13/20152pm ESTRecordkeeping: What to Save, What to Shred and How to Store ItRecording
8/11/201511am &
3pm EST
ACA Best Practices: Annual Health Care Reporting & Strategic Employee Communications (Form 1095-C)Recording
7/8/201511am ESTSpecial Edition ACA Webcast: King v BurwellRecording
4/30/201511am ESTACA Best Practices: What Could Go Wrong? Potholes to Avoid and New Challenges Down the RoadRecording
3/25/20151pm ESTTop Concerns of Midsized Businesses & Knowing Your Company’s “Big Number” Can Help You Manage ThemRegister
3/17/2015ACA Best Practices: Annual Reporting and the “Cadillac” Excise TaxRecording
2/3/20153pm ESTHCM Trendspotting: The Changing Role of HRRecording
1/29/201511am ESTWhat to Expect in 2015? Annual Healthcare Reporting & Exchange ManagementRecording
11/19/201411am ETACA Best Practices: Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Workforce Planning and Leaves of Absence Recording
10/14/201411am ESTACA Best Practices: Driving Consumerism in Today's WorldRecording
8/27/201411am & 3pm ESTACA Best Practices: Why a ‘Wait and See’ Attitude Can Hurt YouRecording
6/4/20141pm ESTThe ACA's Employer Mandate - How Recent Guidance Could Impact Your ComplianceRecording
3/25/20141pm & 3pm ESTEmployer Readiness and the ACA: It's a Marathon, Not a SprintRecording
3/19/20141pm ESTTackling Today’s Employment and Income VerificationsRegister
1/21/20141pm ESTSprinting to the Finish Line: Potential Refund of FICA Taxes Paid on Severance and Other Opportunities to Act on NowRegister
11/18/20131pmManaging Your Workforce: ACA Dos and Don’tsRecording
9/10/201311am & 3pmHealth Care Reform: Not Everything Has Been Delayed Recording
8/14/20133pm-4pm ETTalent Pipelines - Developing a Path to Your DoorRecording
7/31/201311am-Noon ETThe Affordable Care Act: Rules & Strategies for FranchiseesRecording
7/31/20133pm-4pm ETThe Affordable Care Act: Rules & Strategies for FranchiseesRecording
6/27/201312pm-1pm ETQuantifying HR – via Human Capital Institute Recording
6/25/20133pm-4pm ETQuantifying HR: Adding Objective Measures in the Time of Big DataRecording
5/28/201311am-12pm ETHow to Avoid Triggering a Shared Responsibility Penalty Under the Affordable Care ActRecording
5/28/20133pm-4pm ETHow to Avoid Triggering a Shared Responsibility Penalty Under the Affordable Care ActRecording
5/14/201311am-12pm ETSmall Businesses Beware: Why You Can't Afford to Ignore the Affordable Care ActRecording
4/25/20132-3PM ETHealth Care Reform: Making Informed Decisions in Uncertain TimesRecording
4/25/201312PM ETThe Competencies of a High Performing TeamRecording
4/22/201311AM ETHere Today, Gone Tomorrow: Keeping Up with the Current State of RecruitingPDFRecording
4/17/20131PM ETCompliance Insights: What’s New in the Golden State? CA Payroll Tax and Enterprise Zone Tax Credits Recording
3/28/201311AM-Noon ETHealth Care Reform: How Income Impacts Participation in Employee Health BenefitsRegisterRecording
2/28/20133PM ETA Guided Tour to Adding Talent Management to your HR SystemsPDFRecording
2/20/2013Tax Insights: New JerseyPDFRecording
2/12/201311AM ETHealth Care Reform: Strategies to Help Control Costs, Mitigate Risk & Decrease PenaltiesRecording
1/22/2013Tax Insights: Puerto RicoPDFRecording
1/17/2013Tax Insights: New YorkPDFRecording
12/13/2012Noon ETTalent Analytics Your CEO Can't Ignore (via HCI)Recording
11/29/2012Noon ETIdentify and Fill Skill Gaps with High Precision Learning and DevelopmentRecording
11/28/20123-4PM ETMitigating Risk and Controlling Healthcare Costs: A Post Election Look at the Affordable Care ActRegister
11/12/20123:30PM ETWhat’s Around the Corner? - Tax Insights from ADPPDFRecording
10/22/20123PM ETEmployee Satisfaction vs. Employee Engagement: Are they the same thing?PDFRecording
10/3/20123PM ETTop Concerns Around Absence Management and Why Employers Fail to Measure and Mitigate AbsenteeismRecording
9/27/201212:30 PM ETTalent Management in 30-minutes or Less: The Who-tos and How-tos of Employee EngagementPDFRecording
9/27/20121PM ETSurprising Options: What Small to Mid-Size Companies Need to Know About RPORegister
9/25/20122PM ETBenchmarking for Executive Total RewardsPDFRecording
9/19/2012Noon ETGet Ready To Comply With the Marketplace Fairness and Marketplace Equity ActsPDFRecording
8/16/2012Recruiting and Retaining Young Talent -- ONLINE FORUM produced by GOVERNING and sponsored by ADPPDFRecording
7/18/2012Noon ETFind Your Way to a Lower Tax Rate in LouisianaPDFRecording
7/17/20123PM ETHealthcare Ruling: An Employer’s Perspective on the U.S. Supreme Court’s DecisionRecording
6/28/20121PM ETProcess Silos Are Throttling Talent Management InnovationPDFRecording
6/20/20121PM ETTo RPO, or Not To RPO. When Is Recruiting Technology Not Enough?PDFRecording
6/7/201212PM ETAnalytics, Social Media, and Mobility Enabling Cutting Edge Talent ManagementRecording
6/6/20121PM ETDriving Employee Engagement and Development with Holistic Job and Competency FrameworksPDFRecording
5/30/201212:30 PM ETFind, Grow and Keep Great People: Integrated Talent Management for Small to Mid-sized CompaniesRecording
5/17/20121 PM ETTo Manage Benefits Administration Internally or Outsource?Recording
5/17/20123 PM ETIs Your Company REALLY Ready to Leverage Sourcing and Candidate Relationship Management Technology?PDFRecording
5/9/20121 PM ETSolving the Mysteries of Pennsylvania Act 32PDFRecording
5/2/20121 PM ETTax Credit Legislative Updates for the Northeast and Midwest StatesPDFRecording
4/11/2012Noon ETIntegrated Talent Management Strategy: From the Compensation Professional PerspectiveRecording
4/3/20121-2PM ETHow to go Electronic with Payroll? ADP Client Shares Best PracticesPDFRecording
3/29/20121-2PM ETBig Savings, Big Impacts, Big Opportunities - Incentives can save you as much as 10% of your capital costsPDFRecording
3/19/20123-4PM ETThe Next Generation of Talent Management Strategy: Pay For TalentPDFRecording
2/23/20123-4PM ETEver-changing tax initiatives leave you feeling confused? You’re not alone!PDFRecording
2/16/20123-4PM ETTake Control of Unemployment Costs. Learn How to Turn Unemployment Compensation into a Competitive AdvantagePDFRecording
12/21/20111PM ETEmerging Trends and Technology Critical to Your WorkforceRecording
12/17/20111PM ETThe Power of Wellness Programs: Fact or Fiction in an Uncertain Future of Escalating Health Care CostsRecording
12/15/20112PM ETPerfect PayablesPDFRecording
12/14/20111PM ETTalent Management 2011: Perceptions and RealitiesPDFRecording
12/6/20112PM ETThe Next Generation of Talent Management Strategy: Pay for TalentPDFRecording
12/1/20111PM ETEmpowering Employees: Improving Engagement While Impacting Benefit CostsRecording
11/18/20111PM ETHuman Capital Management Trends and InnovationsRecording
11/10/20111PM ETEfficient Employment Tax Credit Screening with Kenexa & ADPPDFRecording
11/8/20113PM ETUnemployment Taxes Catapulting to New HeightsPDFRecording
11/4/20111PM ETLocal Taxes You May Not Know AboutPDFRecording
10/27/2011Best Practices and New Innovations for Sourcing and Screening Potential New Hires Recording
10/26/2011Noon ETLearn how Cornell leverages their ERP to remain compliant with ever-changing Sales and Use Taxes!PDFRecording
9/22/20111PM ETEmployment Regulatory and Enforcement Activity Is Already Underway. Are You Ready?Recording
8/24/20111PM ETWOTC Tax Credit OverviewPDFRecording
8/11/2011Drive Workforce Efficiency, Productivity and Engagement by leveraging Mobile HR Recording
8/10/20111PM ETTax Insights - A Closer Look at the Payroll Tax Legislative LandscapePDFRecording
7/20/20112PM ETAdvanced Topics in A/P Automation: Improving Savings, Accuracy, and CompliancePDFRecording
6/21/20111 PM ESTPayroll Tax Penalty & InterestPDFRecording
5/24/20111-2 PM EDTBeen There, Done That… Now What? Where We’ve Been & What’s Next in HealthcarePDFRecording
5/19/20111PM ETCalifornia Enterprise Zone Program (CAEZ)PDFRecording
4/27/20112 PM ESTMaking Progress with ePayables Best Practices for Performance Improvement and Supplier ParticipationPDFRecording
4/5/2011NoonSimplify the Sales and Use Tax Returns Filing ProcessPDFRecording
3/2/20111 PM ESTPaperless Payroll Payment SolutionsPDFRecording
2/23/20112 PM ESTConsumer Packaged Goods - An Introduction to ePayablesPDFRecording
2/23/201111 AM ESTTax Credit and Incentive Compliance UpdatePDFRecording
2/1/201112-1pm EasternHosted Sales Tax Compliance - Is it the right fit for your business?