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Case Studies

Acuity Brands, Inc.

Acuity Brands, Inc. struggled to attract and retain the internal resources needed to maintain and support their existing systems. With two separate HR systems, it became evident that they needed to consolidate and eliminate system redundancy. In choosing a partner, Acuity was looking for support with the annual enrollment process, including the development and execution of creative plan options, a comprehensive call center and consistent streamlined efforts to support ERISA and HIPAA compliance.

Apple Vacations Controls Labor Costs With ADP Solutions That Never Take a Vacation

Apple Vacations needed to gain better control over labor costs, and wanted to deploy a time and labor management solution that seamlessly integrated with payroll. Apple Vacations needed to consolidate the time and payroll services provided by multiple vendors into a single-source solution. They needed to implement a time and labor management solution that offered multiple ways to accurately collect, record and calculate employee time. It was critical to Apple Vacations that the vendor they chose could manage the complexities of specific industry and multi-jurisdictional rules.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts builds Best-in-Class HR Solution through ADP Outsourcing Partnership

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts had disparate systems for HR, payroll and benefit services. They endured cumbersome paper based time collection methods. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts offered no online benefits enrollment or associate services. Management has no visibility into associate records and the existing HR services were viewed as a transaction based function.

CarMax Drives Toward Success with ADP’s Comprehensive Outsourcing Services (COS)

After CarMax separated from its parent company, it was faced with the ominous responsibility of building an entire payroll, HR, and employee benefits infrastructure. CarMax needed an integrated, flexible and robust HR solution offering that was also cost effective and scalable.

Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) Reduces Costs of Payroll, Banking and Tax Service with ADP’s Comprehensive Outsourcing Services (COS)

With the two organizations operating on different platforms, there was an imminent need to integrate. CSFB chose to go one step further by not only synchronizing the two payroll operations, but also reaping other benefits from its newly-formed economies of scale. CSFB has turned over virtually all payroll and tax functions to to use ADP’s Comprehensive Outsourcing Services for its hosted payroll, banking and tax solution.

White Papers

Navigating Complexity: How a Unified Platform can Help Improve Tax, Employment and Payroll Compliance Management
ADP SmartComplianceSM, a cloud-based platform that works with leading payroll, human resources and financial systems of record, can help provide this change. Its unified capabilities consolidate critical business processes. The platform, which manages key employment-related tax and payment compliance functions, helps ease the burden of compliance management and enables organizations to improve business process efficiencies and drive organizational growth.

Benefits Administration: Should You Outsource or Manage In-House?
Outsourcing of benefits administration first emerged in the mid-1980s. Originally, outsourcers focused primarily on handling only "back-room" operations for employers related to such things as enrollment processing and carrier interfaces.

Merchandising Consumer-Driven Health Plans (CDHPs) - Employee Benefits Planning Takes a Market Research-Based Approach
Catering to the needs and wants of the consumer is a way of life in most industries. But when it comes to the purchase and consumption of healthcare, today's employers have been slow to adopt this model. Companies have historically viewed their employees as generally uninformed about their options and uninterested in becoming more involved in their own healthcare decisions.

Healthcare Programs: Employee Benefits Selection Can Be Made Easier Through Technology Mobile HR and other new technology can help employees better understand their benefits options.
Employee benefits, as we know them today, came into existence following the Great Depression. The Great Depression, by wiping out personal savings and throwing almost 13 million people out of work, vividly demonstrated the need for government and industry to provide protection against at least some of the risks associated with illness and loss of earnings. Labor unions gained momentum following the Great Depression, as well, and bargained for better wages, working conditions, and eventually, benefits.

Why You Should Care About Wellness Programs
ADP commissioned a study to determine employers' views and behaviors related to the escalating costs of health care, the "just starting to recover" economy, and employee morale and retention – with a special emphasis on wellness.

Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Benefits Supported by Tech Tools Provide an Incremental Edge in the Competition for Talent
Employers that offer company-sponsored employee healthcare benefits are facing an upswing in multifaceted challenges. Not only are they concerned with controlling costs, they need to provide competitive benefits that will help to attract, retain, and motivate the workers needed in order for their businesses to survive and succeed. The need for meaningful and effective benefit tools that can be accessed when and where participants want them has become critical – both for empowering employees to make cost effective choices that also meet their unique needs, and to increase employee engagement and loyalty.

Mobile HR Solutions: Connecting and Empowering Your Workforce
VDC Research and the ADP Research Institute (ADPRI), a specialized group of market research professionals within ADP, have collaborated to conduct vital research involving 400 midsized and large U.S. organizations to determine the current and anticipated value of mobile HR solutions. This paper explores the key findings from this mobile HR research and discusses the implications for HR practitioners and decision makers going forward.

ADP Whitepaper: Effective Talent Management an Essential Strategy for Organizational Success
This whitepaper provides relevant marketplace information and reference points as well as guidance on measuring success and ROI related to talent management strategies.

The Hidden Reality of Payroll & HR Administration Costs
For nearly a decade, PwC, with the sponsorship of ADP, has studied payroll and HR TCO costs and how to mitigate them. The 2011 study is, by far, the industry’s most comprehensive study to date on this subject and presents new findings about the current total cost of administering these business-critical functions as well as the top strategies for reducing TCO.

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