Bad Hire Calculator

Bad Hire Calculator

Calculate how much a bad hire can cost your organization

Employee turnover. Lost work days. Accidents. Inefficiency. These are just a few of the ways a bad hire can damage your bottom line. The calculator below can help you estimate the costs your company incurs for making a bad hire.

This bad hire calculator accounts for the cost of advertising the position, HR staffing costs, interviewing time and salary plus any relocation and training costs.

Insert your company hiring costs to determine how much every bad hire could impact your company. Then call ADP at 1.800.CALL.ADP, ext.411 (1.800.225.5237, ext 411) to learn how we can help you lower these unnecessary expenses.

Bad Hire Calculator
Cost to Advertise the Position
  Number of ads placed
Price of each ad
HR Staff Costs
  Hours involved $ Annual HR salary
Costs to Interview
  Number of candidates
Number of interviewers
    $ Average salary of interviewers
Productivity Losses
    $ ENTER the position's salary
Relocation Costs
    $ ENTER 0 if relocation does not apply
Cost of Training
    Number of months spent training
Total Cost of a Bad Hire

*Averages were compiled from: USA Today 2004 Classified Advertising Rates; Workforce Management, March 2003: "Estimating the Financial Value of Staffing-Assessment Tools" by Dr. Charles Handler and Dr. Steven Hunt; 2002 SHRM/EMA Cost Per Hire Survey; HR Magazine, November 2003: "HR Compensation Special Report"; Workforce, January 2001: "The Importance of Cost Per Hire" by Barbara Davison.


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