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Human Capital Management >

Is HR Prepared to Support Global Business Growth Priorities?

Business growth through market expansion will be the primary business strategy of multinational corporations. 63% of executives say the number of employees outside of their company headquarters will increase in the next year or so.

Human Resources Management >

Social Media and Mobile Recruiting Technology Play an Increasingly Impactful Role in Talent Acquisition

Technology tools like social media, talent communities and mobile recruiting can help optimize an employer’s brand. Read about the role technology will play in presenting a strong employer brand, engaging candidates and making the hiring process more efficient and effective moving forward.

Compliance >

ACA Compliance – What Employers Are and Are Not Doing

While employers that are affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have had several years to prepare to meet the law’s complex requirements, an important question is: how prepared is your organization to demonstrate compliance?

Human Capital Management >

Integrated HCM Data Is Key to Comprehensive ACA Compliance

A new study reveals that many employers are not prepared to fully administer all of the ACA’s compliance requirements, but also indicated a core reason for the lack of preparedness – insufficient integration of key data.

Human Resources Management >

Global Studies Reveal Disconnect Between Employees and HR on Key HCM Issues

Gain insight into the wide disparity in perceptions among employees, HR leaders and senior management on vital HCM issues and how it may impact employers’ ability to deliver on corporate strategies.

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