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ADP Small Business Payroll and Tax Services

ADP’s payroll and tax filing services are designed specifically for small businesses to help keep things simple, affordable, and in compliance with regulations.

Payroll service your way

When it comes to ADP small business payroll services, the choice is yours: run payroll on your own with our simple, powerful payroll software, let us help with HR Management or Benefits Administration, or find a balance of services and support that’s right for you.

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Payroll tax filing you can count on

45 percent of employers undergo a state or federal audit at least once a year. With ADP, you're ready.

In 2012, there were 17,000 proposed employment tax rule changes2. That’s 17,000 more than you have time to keep track of. ADP payroll service for small businesses includes payroll processing, tax deductions and filings, and something more: confidence that, with the help of ADP, you’ll help reduce risk with payroll-related compliance requirements.

Integration with time and attendance tracking and more

For small businesses, tracking time and connecting it to payroll can be incredibly challenging and a huge drain on resources. That's why our payroll and time and attendance services work together seamlessly. That no only means less work for you, it means more accurate and timely information if you’re ever audited. ADP can also help you quickly and easily add retirement plans and Workers’ compensation insurance, which both plug right in to our payroll services.

Mobile payroll apps for today’s mobile business owner–and employees

Use mobile payroll app to run, manage and track payroll online from anywhere, at any time. Get real-time reporting on payroll activity and status, and work with a mobile payroll app designed for ease of use that allows you to run payroll in a few clicks. And with ADP, your employees can easily access their paychecks online – anytime, anywhere.


2ADP Internal Estimates

3The employment tax administration & compliance survey “How do your processes measure up?” Deloitte, July 2012


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