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Wellness: Profit from Prevention

With health care costs on the rise, wellness is one area in which it pays to be proactive. ADP Vitality is an innovative wellness program that can help your employees lead healthier lives while reducing health care costs. It’s an online platform, combined with incentives and rewards, that’s easy for your to implement and manage – and easy for your employees to participate in. Best of all, since it’s based on real actuarial data, it offers a proven approach to improving productivity and reducing costs.

Best-in-Class Wellness

Our best-in-class wellness program, ADP Vitality, is offered as part of our suite of services for midsize business and is fully integrated with our payroll services. The philosophy behind this incentive program is simple: the more invested your employees are in their health, the greater their rewards will be in terms of quality of life and cost savings.

ADP Vitality calloutADP Vitality is a tier-based system that’s designed to guide employees toward making better health choices, such as making lifestyle improvements and seeking preventive care in exchange for tangible rewards. The platform’s social media, online and mobile access features keep employees engaged and make it easy for them to participate in the program.

Integration with ADP Payroll for Added Benefits

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ADP Vitality, a comprehensive online wellness program
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Your employees can track their health status and, as it improves, receive rewards in the form of dollar credits toward their monthly health care premium contributions that are made through payroll. 

Payroll integration eases several other aspects of the program for your businesses:

  • Single sign on for ADP Vitality and ADP payroll services
  • Automatic enrollment feeds your employee data into the Vitality program
  • Adjustments to payroll-based health plan contributions happen automatically

ADP Vitality helps your business:

  • Manage health care expenses
  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Lower claims and other impacts of illness
  • Automate your health incentive program activities

ADP Vitality gives your employees:

  • A rewards program that’s easy to understand and easy to use
  • A personal wellness portal for managing participation activities and status
  • Assessments and screening for determining health risks
  • Valuable discounts such as savings on health club memberships
  • Convenient mobile options for accessing the program






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With health care costs spiraling out of control, it’s time to get more proactive about employee wellness. Let ADP help you obtain the rewards of good health.

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