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Employee Selection, Screening, and Background Check Services

You've waded through a sea of applicants to find just the right person–and now it's time for your candidate's background screening. Does the candidate truly have the degree on the application? Is the candidate's driving record free of reckless driving convictions? Am I hiring a criminal? Effective background screening is critical to keeping your employees safe, and ADP is here to help you avoid hiring–related risk.

ADP Background Screening and Selection Services has the tools and expertise to quickly and accurately scrutinize the backgrounds of your candidates, verify that their backgrounds meet your hiring guidelines, and help you comply with state and federal regulations. Screen, Select, Comply: the screening you need, from a name you trust.

Your Candidate's Background Check

Reduce hiring liabilities by knowing the whole story behind every candidate.

A common HR concern is unknowingly hiring a candidate with a checkered past. Why? Because it can jeopardize the safety of your workplace and expose your organization to unwanted liabilities.

ADP's Background Screening and Selection tools can help you replace question marks and guesswork with reliable background check and well–reasoned, confident decisions. And utilizing ADP for all of your Human Resource Management needs has even more benefits: integration with ADP recruiting solutions reduces data entry and improves data integrity. Plus, Screening Assurance for Employers – our compliance reporting tool, will alert you if you've hired someone without having first run a background check on them.

Our standard background screening checks include:

  • Identity Validations
  • Address History
  • Criminal Court Records
  • Driving Records
  • Credit Records
  • Government Registries
  • Workers' Compensation Records
  • Reference Verifications
  • Substance Abuse Testing

In addition, an ADP specialist can help you create customized, position–specific background screening packages.

When you need the most accurate, comprehensive data possible, call on ADP to perform Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) – compliant employment background checks. You can be confident our identity validations, criminal background checks and other screens will deliver the information you need to make informed decisions.

Candidate Selection with Confidence

Simplify candidate selection with ADP's quick and easy screening system.

Our online ordering and screening management system will have an immediate impact on your hiring process by:

  • Automating and streamlining how you order screening services
  • Enabling you to access candidate information faster and more efficiently
  • Providing tools to help you stay organized and on top of the candidate selection process

With easy–to–use dashboards and timesaving tools, this system gives you the freedom to customize how your organization orders and manages background check data for many different positions. For more on the unique capabilities of this system and how it puts the information you need at your fingertips, see the table below.

Capability What it does How it helps you
Simplified Results Quickly see the results of your search in a simple-to read-format that highlights key results in color to make sure you don’t miss the important details. -Saves you time in interpreting results

-Provides all results in a consistent format
Cascade Ordering Runs low cost, instant screens first then pauses so you can review results. Based on these initial results, you can determine if the system should proceed with additional screens. -Saves you money by allowing you to cancel screens you decide not to run

Only ADP offers a comprehensive, stand–alone online system you can easily customize to streamline your employment screening and selection process and simplify candidate selection. Put this technology to work for your organization and start saving time and resources.

HR Compliance with Regulations

Feel pressure to stay informed about constantly changing employment laws and regulations? You're not alone. That's why ADP puts compliance guidance and information right at your fingertips.

HR professionals like you are busy enough without having to worry about where to find guidance for HR compliance. With HR Compliance Tools, including our Online HR Library and Adverse Action services, ADP can deliver all the HR information you need from one source.

Online HR Library

The amount of time HR professionals like you spend tracking down essential employment documents, current forms and best practice guidance can add up quickly. ADP's Online HR Library gives you a convenient, timesaving alternative to spinning your wheels in what can often be a fruitless search.

ADP's Online HR Library delivers reliable, up–to–date information and materials to help keep your HR and employment processes fully compliant. And, it gathers all this data in one place so you can easily browse for the information you need.

The types of information you will find as a subscriber to our Online HR Library include:

  • Compliance forms
  • Employment law summaries
  • Hiring guides
  • Sample employee handbooks
  • Human resource articles
  • Offer/rejection letters
  • Process documents
  • Sample policies
  • White Papers

Adverse Action and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Let ADP handle your candidate screening correspondence and help you comply with FCRA requirements when you decide against hiring candidates based on background screening results.

When you decide not to hire candidates based in whole or in part on background screening results, the FCRA requires you to notify candidates to give them a chance to correct any inaccuracies. As you know, this process can be difficult and time consuming and if not conducted properly, could also leave your organization open to litigation.

ADP's Adverse Action can take the hassle and worry out of this process by turning over all adverse action correspondence responsibilities to our compliance specialists. They are diligent in adhering to all FCRA regulations and timelines for candidate correspondence and will keep you informed along the way. In addition, our specialists are trained to handle all candidate questions and disputes so you can focus on other pressing HR and hiring issues.



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