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Performance Management Tools: Align Employee Performance With Company Goals

Your business has goals and priorities, but do your employees understand them, and see how their own work relates to the larger business? If not, it’s time for performance management solutions that focus employees on continuous improvement, facilitates conversation between staff and managers, and points individuals in the direction that benefits the entire organization.

Simplify, Streamline And Automate Your Performance Management Solutions

From goal setting to evaluations, performance management solutions are an ongoing process that requires year-round communication to be truly effective. But that doesn’t have to mean year-round paperwork. ADP Performance Management automates the process to help you improve your program by:

  • Improving annual reviews by improving manager/employee communication
  • Letting employees and managers work together to set weighted goals and development plans that align with the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Providing employees and managers with anytime visibility to goal assignments and progress 
  • Reducing performance review cycles through automated evaluations and reviews
How Managers Spend Their time: 10% Developing people, 90% Administration

The result is a robust yet efficient process that facilitates an ongoing conversation between employee and manager, and aligns personal and business objectives throughout the year– without extra administrative burden.

Base Rewards On Results

You’ve got a clear plan for evaluating performance. Now what? The next step is integrating performance management solutions with Compensation. ADP brings these systems together so managers can tie compensation directly to individual goals and overall performance ratings. Combined with tools that provide visibility into goal achievement and progress reports, this integration further simplifies the process of aligning individual performance with company strategy



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Annual reviews that just create paperwork no longer cut it. It's time to rethink your performance management system so it aligns employee goals with the strategic priorities of the business, while improving communication and streamlining processes.

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