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When did benefits
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Eligibility and Enrollment Systems

Your benefits strategy relies on the strength of your eligibility and open enrollment systems. Technology, transactions, compliance and worker perception of benefits can all have cascading effects throughout your benefits programs and, eventually, your entire business.

For You: Better Delivery, Lower Costs

When you work with ADP you’ll receive a combination of exceptional service, practical experience and technology know-how – all of which can result in improved benefits delivery and reduced costs.

ADP offers your organization:

  • Expertise–Best practices to assist with your regulatory compliance obligations
  • Flexibility–Fast, nimble set-up of the annual enrollment process
  • Scale–The ability to create multiple groups, tiers and rates across your entire workforce, regardless of plan design complexity
  • Consistency–Eligibility rules are enforced during initial enrollment and throughout a worker’s period of service
  • Communications–A broad array of Employee Communication Services during enrollment and throughout the year
  • Insights–Tools for examining benefits usage to fine-tune benefits offerings based on worker demand
  • Integration–Close connection with other ADP services, such as payroll solutions and dependent verification
  • Engagement–The opportunity to use open enrollment to help educate your workforce on the value and features of their benefits

For Your Workforce: Tools, Communication, Guidance

Industry studies have shown that when members of your workforce understand and are satisfied with their benefits, they’re also more likely to be satisfied and engaged overall [Source:10th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends: Seeing Opportunity in Shifting Tides 2012].

We partner with you to offer your workers:

  • Introduction–A positive first impression of your organization’s health and welfare benefits program
  • Information–Decision support tools to help them find plan options that best meet their indicated personal and financial requirements
  • Support–Sophisticated yet easy-to-use self-service tools and personal assistance from our knowledgeable Human Resources Management for completing the open enrollment process

ADP has a team of professionals who are dedicated to monitoring, evaluating and implementing enhancements to our client solutions resulting from new regulatory changes.



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Benefits administration for large business just got a whole lot more complicated. ADP can help you simplify benefits delivery while helping manage your regulatory burden and avoiding penalties.

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